With the White House a rolling disaster (3 link limerick chain)

“When Republicans imagined having a president of their own and control of Congress, they thought it would be a nonstop string of legislative achievements and improvements to government, bringing an inspiring new era of efficiency and effectiveness that showed Americans what the GOP was really capable of.

That is not quite how things are working out.”

Why is the Trump presidency such a rolling disaster?
-Paul Waldman, Opinion, The Washington Post


With the White House a rolling disaster,
each policy more horse’s-assed-er,
Republicans worry
and frantically scurry
to cling to a crumbling pilaster.

© 2017 Mary Boren

As they cling to a crumbling pilaster,
our Ms. Liberty wishes they’d asked her
to reiterate
how this country was great
up until oligarchists sneaked past her.

© 2017 Susan E. Eckenrode

Long before oligarchists sneaked past her,
claiming power and wealth as their master
she stood for us all
to answer her call
and no other republic surpassed her.

© 2017 Lily Beth Baker



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