A Ticket to Hell? The Devil Doesn’t Want Him!

“And, as is Trump’s wont and calling card, he oversold his voters a bill of goods that he would never be able to deliver. The Pied Piper of pipe dreams did in politics what he had done in business: He got people to buy into a success mythology in which he was a wizard. In this mythology, ethics, honor and truth are casualties.”

A Ticket to Hell
-Charles M. Blow, Opinion Page, New York Times


Nothing Special Here

“Incompetence surrounds me; send him down!”
the devil snarls and smacks a demon’s head,
“I sent you for a jewel to grace my crown
but you returned with such as this instead.

He chose to chart his course with us, you fool,
abused his privileged past and served me well.
His path to power flaunted every rule
and manufactured facts were his to sell.

A sad dictator-wannabe my prize?
His soul’s already mine! He came to me!
Go look among the ones who shield their eyes
from Truth that lights the dark eternity.

Those treasures wait untarnished, still naive
and unaware of what lies up my sleeve.”

© 2017 Susan E. Eckenrode

Author’s Note: I have always held that if there is a devil recruiting souls, would he not be looking among those who are not yet corrupted, so that he can enjoy the challenge of enticing them to choose corruptions. What challenge, what prize, in the ones already there?


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