There seems to be no way of quelling

“It wasn’t long ago that pretty much everyone across the political spectrum could agree that it was embarrassing when our elected officials failed to use the English language correctly. Just ask former vice president Dan Quayle how to spell “potato.”

Yet as critics pounced on the latest errors as a sign of carelessness or incompetence, Trump defenders howled back, blasting the criticism as liberal-elite snobbery. It’s come to this: The fault lines of our deeply divided country have crossed into the once-neutral territory of grammar and spelling.”  

The Trump administration has a spelling problem.
 The Washington Post

There seems to be no way of quelling
His lying and whining and yelling.
Of this I am sure,
But must we endure
His wretched alternative spelling?

© Colleen Anderson, 2017

His wretched alternative spelling
appears not to hurt what he’s selling
to frenetic fans
impressed with his plans
who still find his tweets so compelling.

© Susan Elizabeth

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