He’s wolfish and wicked and wily.

“The governing irony, of course, is that in the world according to O’Reilly and other cultural scolds, everyone else is wrong and they alone are the uncorrupted. Their spin is no-spin; their truth is the Truth. They promise their followers: Do as I say (but not as I do), and America will be its own best self again, whatever you perceive that to be. Moral certainty is their armor, and it allows them at times to be immorally cruel. It takes a very smug kind of meanness to watch Representative Maxine Waters speak passionately on race in the Trump era and only be able to crack a joke, as O’Reilly recently did, about her ‘James Brown wig.’ A very white kind of meanness, too.”


The O’Reilly factor that mattered? Hypocrisy.
Ty Burr, Commentary, The Boston Globe


Graphic by Rafael Barker


He’s wolfish and wicked and wily.
He treats women rudely and vilely.
He’s up to no good,
And we wish that he would
Go down like his pal Bill O’Reilly.

© 2017 Colleen Anderson


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