He’s approaching his one hundred days

“Toward the end of his presidential campaign, Trump embraced the 100-day marker he is now questioning. In a ‘Contract With the American Voter’ issued by his campaign, Trump promised that, among other things, he would introduce and ‘fight for’ 10 specific pieces of legislation in his first 100 days.


Those included bills to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, dramatically cut taxes, spur $1 trillion in infrastructure investments and significantly expand school choice.


The only one of those 10 legislative items introduced to this point is the House health-care bill.”


Trump says 100-day marker is ‘ridiculous.’ But he’s scrambling to show progress by then on taxes, health care.
The Washington Post



He’s approaching his one hundred days
and the POTUS is scrambling for praise
of each dubious win
that’s been polished by spin,
while he pushes his tax reform phase.

© 2017 Susan E. Eckenrode

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