Forty-five just can’t govern the quips


An example of the stream of gibberish emanating from the mouth of our So-Called President, fact-checked by NBC News:

“Let’s see whether or not I proved it. You looked at some proof. I mean, let’s see whether or not I prove it. I just don’t choose to do it right now. I choose to do it before the committee, and maybe I’ll do it before the committee. Maybe I’ll do it before I see the result of the committee. But I think we have some very good stuff. And we’re in the process of putting it together, and I think it’s going to be very demonstrative.”

Forty-five just can’t govern the quips
That spring from his brain to his lips.
All those rabid insults
Could bring dire results,
Not to mention his Freudian slips.

© 2017 Susan E. Eckenrode


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