Every new calendar date

“You know, this was a very serious tragic time in America, we almost lost a democracy and our constitutional government. And the good time was that our government worked as the Constitution wanted it to work. It was a strong senate, a strong Congress that was carrying out its constitutional oversight function, that exposed the criminal activities of the president, but not only exposed them but informed the public who were the ultimate sovereigns. So here a president resigned on the exposure of this based on the separation of powers, without bloodshed, it wasn’t a revolution, and a new president comes in without bloodshed. The government worked at the time.”


Samuel Dash, chief counsel of the Senate Watergate committee (1973),
reflecting on its outcome in a PBS News Hour Interview, 2001



Every new calendar date
Brings new dirt to investigate.
All this scandal and trash
Makes me long for Sam Dash
And the way he pursued Watergate.

© 2017 Colleen Anderson


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