When Don T is finished with NAFTA

“The messy 24 hours were part of a week in which the West Wing has erupted with an all-guns-firing-at-once frenzy intended to prove that Mr. Trump is an effective leader on the cusp of his 100th day in office. His staff has been alarmed by a trend: A decreasing percentage of Americans, even supporters of Mr. Trump, view him as capable of executing on his muscular if vague campaign promises.”


Trump’s Day of Hardball and Confusion on Nafta
The New York Times



When Don-T is finished with NAFTA,
I wonder what he will do afta.
Will it be some more tweeting,
retreating or cheating?
I’m sure it will give us more lafta!

Ya never know what he will dew
when most things arise from the blew.
This one thing’s for certain –
there ain’t no avertin’
the fact that he hasn’t a clew!

© 2017 Eric Linden


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