As he heads to his posh Mar-a-Lago

Limerick by Colleen Anderson

This is Miss Peggy and my son, O. She was our feisty and quirky and politically active neighbor for a few years and she and my boy adored each other. Soon after we moved out of state, she passed away. Peggy had been a very passionate volunteer (and later, a recipient) of her local Meals on Wheels program. In our effort to become involved in our new city we were inspired by Miss Peggy to volunteer for our local program. Every Friday, for the last 7 years, my (now 12 year old) homeschooled son and I have delivered heathy, home cooked meals to seniors and homebound clients. The rewards far outweigh the effort as my son has learned more about compassion, empathy and friendship than I could have ever hoped for.

– Mary Alice Hodgson


As he heads to his posh Mar-a-Lago,
An old person starves in Chicago.
Yeah, the chump who makes deals
Wants to dump Meals on Wheels.
May he choke on his Steak Asiago.

© 2017 Colleen Anderson

May he choke on his Steak Asiago
while he’s billing each billionaire’s BOGO
determined to cut,
then slice, dice and gut
for their “aid to the needy” embargo.

© 2017 Susan E. Eckenrode



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