Whine Not

Here’s the thing. Donald Trump right now is terrified about what’s happening within his administration. He understands that he can no longer duck and cover from the countless scandals that he has been involved in in the 120, less than 120 days that he has been president. Now he’s freaking out, and so he wants to make it again all about him being persecuted. This isn’t about anything he did wrong. It’s about people just being mean in the eyes of Donald Trump. That could not be further from the truth.


Trump Whines On Twitter
About Being The Most Persecuted Politician Ever

Gary Bentley, Ring of Fire Network



With the sissy-in-chief either whining
or schmoozing world leaders while dining,
self aggrandizing tripe
has gone way beyond ripe
where the spotlight’s perpetually shining.

Susan E. Eckenrode, 5/20/17


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