Watch Macron as he swerves to elude

Macron strides along the blue carpet to the wall of world leaders walking toward him. As the president of the United States stretches out his arms in a “hey, buddy!” greeting of the newest member of the elite club, Macron veers to the right like a decoy Marine One from the South Lawn of the White House. Trump looks on as his French counterpart double kisses German Chancellor Angela Merkel and shakes hands with other leaders. When Macron does get around to greeting Trump, Trump goes for the grab-and-pull. But Macron immediately yanks back and employs his left hand to try to hold down The Donald’s rising right arm as the insecure alpha tries to assert his dominance as cameras clicked.

Emmanuel Macron was warned!
Jonathan Capehart, Opinion, The Washington Post



Watch Macron as he swerves to elude
Forty-five and his haute attitude,
while the NATO crew grin
at that jutted out chin
of our bully-in-chief’s fuming feud.

Susan E. Eckenrode, 5/27/17


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