‘Twas a white-knuckled handshaking stance

Handshakes are a very big thing to this president. Trump seems to view the handshake as a sort of battle of wills and a battle for power all wrapped into one.




And, if you watch the handshake with Macron, it’s clear that Trump — on at least one and maybe two occasions — tries to pull away and Macron just keeps holding on.


Superficial? Absolutely. But remember that Trump is, at heart, someone who believes deeply in appearances and perceptions. So, before you roll your eyes and dismiss this all as fluff and nonsense, remember that the job Trump had right before running for president was as a star of a reality TV show.


Donald Trump and Emmanuel Macron just exchanged a white-knuckled handshake




‘Twas a white-knuckled handshaking stance
with the handsome new leader of France
that appeared to erase
the smirk from his face
leaving POTUS stuck looking askance.

Susan E. Eckenrode, 5/26/17


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