The Other

The Other is the one who doesn’t count.
As long as I can say that I’ve got mine
It doesn’t really matter how they do.
What matters is I’m rich and doing fine.

It’s not my problem if their children eat
Or see a doctor; if they sink or swim,
For they are just the Other in my eyes.
Which makes me just the Other one to them.


© 2017 Glenn Meisenheimer



“Taken together, the actual policy agenda here is reasonably clear. Republicans think rich people have too little income, and poor people too much. They will thus cut programs serving the bottom of the income ladder to make budget headroom for immense tax cuts for the rich. Paul Ryan will go on Meet the Press and smile and calmly buffalo the dim DC political reporters with a lot of wonky-sounding nonsense. But the upshot of this agenda is a great increase in desperation in America — more hungry people, more uninsured people, and more people dying of preventable illness.


How Republicans will
wage war on the poor

The Week


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