Sylvester came close to his cage

If the president didn’t see that his precipitous firing of the man in charge of investigating the Trump campaign’s connections with the Russian regime might instead alienate some of his allies and outrage much of the public, that’s no anomaly. Rather, it’s an illustration of several of the president’s core character traits — a belief that the past doesn’t matter, a penchant to act swiftly and unilaterally, and a conviction that even the most unpopular actions can help build his brand.


Why Trump expected only applause when he told Comey, ‘You’re fired.’
The Washington Post


Sylvester came close to his cage –
that put Tweetybird in a rage.
He fired a volley
and felt very jolly!
That’s life when you’re on center stage.

Eric Linden, 5/10/17

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