I Saw Donald Shrugging Off His Flaws

Sing along to I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

I saw Donald missing all that was
Still breathing ‘neath the missile’s glow in flight
He wouldn’t see it sweep
Into his world of cheap
He thought that I had ducked into my boardroom down the street

Then I saw Donald scribble some new laws,
Just beneath where weird and him unite
I cussed at that handshake
And knew I’d not relate
I rubbed my eyes, unmoved by boast, and knew it was too late!

Then I saw Donald shrugging off his flaws
He shook my hand and pulled me to the couch
While whispering, “Just mind!”
Without a care for mine,
Then Donald grooved within that room before he went on-line.

Then I saw Donald fumble – just because
He would not hear he quibbled now and then
When called to answer for
He headed out the door
But left it open, just a crack, so we’d beseech “Encore!”

When I saw Donald address all that was
I quickly knew he posed a threat to “fair”
My life now compromised
By ego and by lies
He wasn’t nice and after all he’d find his gall revised.

© 2017 Joy A. Burki-Watson


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