Some Repubs claim the media’s stoking

Some Republicans ― including an unnamed White House official ― maintained on Wednesday that Trump was merely joking when he told Comey to lay off of Flynn, who was fired earlier this year over his conversations with Russian officials before the president’s inauguration.


The president must not have thought much about the quality of his joke. According to The New York Times, which reviewed portions of Comey’s memo, Trump instructed others present in the February meeting ― including Vice President Mike Pence and Attorney General Jeff Sessions ― to leave the room so he could impart his words to Comey alone.


The argument that Trump merely made a casual request to Comey to drop the investigation of Flynn is also suspicious given that Trump later fired Comey.


Republicans Insist Donald Trump’s Request To James Comey Wasn’t Serious
Huffington Post


Some Repubs claim the media’s stoking
the fire, ’cause, well trump was just joking
in suggesting that Comey
should lay off his homie.
One wonders at what they’re all smoking!

Susan E. Eckenrode, 5/17/17


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