Recklessly Juvenile Quips

Esquire reports: Trump’s Locker Room Talk and Nuclear War Talk Finally Converged

It’s almost a courtesy from President Trump: rather than get our hopes up with calm, careful, magnanimous tweets to kick off the new year, we’re back into freezing cold reality. None of the president’s nine tweets Tuesday morning were particularly reassuring to those of us concerned about the future of our country or planet. That particularly goes for those of us who think thermonuclear war sounds like kind of a drag.




My big, powerful button. There’s a real macabre fascination to our current national experiment, wherein we’ve given unprecedented powers of destruction to an obviously stunted man whose mind is stuck in a high-school locker room. In case you were wondering, there is not actually a button on the president’s desk—besides the one with which he summons a butler to bring him Diet Cokes, which he apparently presses 12 times a day. However, it is within this individual’s power to unilaterally launch a nuclear weapon at any time. Once again, Happy Freakin’ New Year.


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“My nuclear button’s much bigger than his,
and my button works!” It’s a Trumpian tiz.
Our president’s recklessly juvenile quips
could tick off a tyrant with missiles on ships
Our generals caution that war is no game
but Trump doesn’t care if it furthers his fame.

Susan Eckenrode, 1/3/18


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