A procession of shattered careers

As Trump celebrated the firing — and simultaneously attempted to pivot the conversation to “fake news” — critics pointed out on Twitter his hypocrisy and Trump’s own accusers awaited justice on at least 12 separate accusations against the president.


PEOPLE writer Natasha Stoynoff — who has accused Trump of attacking her in 2005 by pushing her up against a wall at Mar-a-Lago and shoving his tongue down her throat — tells PEOPLE in an email: “It doesn’t surprise me at all that Mr. Trump would criticize someone else’s inappropriate sexual behavior and not address his own.”


“From what I understand, people who are delusional and narcissistic lack self-awareness and have a need to lash out,” she added.


Another one of the accusers, Melinda McGillivray, 38, tells PEOPLE of Trump’s response to Lauer’s ousting: “Donald is a complete hypocrite; he has the audacity to talk smack about other people when he’s the culprit himself.”


Donald Trump’s Sexual Assault Accusers Demand Justice
in the #MeToo Era: ‘We Were Forgotten’

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A procession of shattered careers
follows predators judged by their peers,
but when credible cries
against BLOTUS arise,
his supporters just cover their ears.

Mary Boren, 11/30/17


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