Now that Nikki is fully on board

“Uh, what? Haley seemed to be quite clearly announcing that regime change was a priority in Syria. Tillerson pointedly said it was not and that nothing at all had changed in terms of America’s policy and priorities in Syria.


Why the confusion? My guess is that it’s not confusion at all. It’s two factions within the foreign policy wing of the Trump White House trying to convince the president of the rightness of their positions on Syria via public channels.


At first blush that might seem odd. Wouldn’t these sorts of debates be better hashed out in private so as to show a united front to the political world and the American people once a decision is reached?


In a traditional White House with a president who plays by the political rules, sure. But this not a traditional White House. And Trump loves breaking the rules much more than he likes adhering to them.”


Nikki Haley says ‘regime change’ in Syria. Rex Tillerson doesn’t. What gives?
Chris Cillizza, CNN Politics



Now that Nikki is fully on board
With distract and retract in accord
We won’t know what we know,
‘cause she spins like a pro
Her investment will reap her reward

© 2017 Susan E. Eckenrode


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