Meanness and What That Portends

mean trump

Our Donald J. Trump is an ass;
It’s clear he has simply no class.
His tweets laced with lying
Are just amplifying
His ego; he’s crude and he’s crass.

He denigrates allies and friends;
The right wing’s extremes he defends.
What’s left of our image
Gets lost in a scrimmage
Of meanness and what that portends.

Minorities upset his dream
Of white people reigning supreme;
Although he’ll deny it,
His actions imply it,
All wrapped up in false self-esteem.

He threatens of nuclear war
With bombast it’s hard to ignore.
It seems he’s a glutton
For pushing the button
That could land us all at death’s door.

America could fall behind
With good sense and kindness maligned.
We failed with our voting
To keep Trump from gloating;
He brings out the worst in mankind.


© 2017 Charlie Rankin

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