Legislators won’t listen to us

The Republican Congressman hid out on the roof of his office on Tuesday in response to a group of angry voters who appeared at his office hoping to share their gripes with the elected official who has refused to hold a Town Hall in recent months.




The lack of accountability being displayed in the Republican party as of late is staggering. From congressional candidates who assault reporters to elected officials who are driven to the roof to hide from the people who pay their paychecks, the culture of the Republican party is degraded beyond repair.


Congressman Darrell Issa Hides From Angry Constituents
on Roof of District Office

The Ring of Fire Network


Legislators won’t listen to us
about issues we need to discuss.
They’re too fearful of crossing
the man who is tossing
America under the bus.

Mary Boren, 5/31/17


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