He’s Still Got the Best Words

Business Insider reports: “People are ripping Trump for a White House statement with a blindingly obvious flaw.”

“We will get rid of the redundancy and duplication that wastes your time and your money.” — President Donald J. Trump


The quote is from a speech Trump gave on June 9, and it was unintentionally hilarious then, too.


“Redundancy” and “duplication” mean the same thing, making the appearance of both of those words, well … redundant.


While the irony may have been lost on the White House, it didn’t escape Twitter users, who gave Trump another round of mocking for his linguistic slip-up.





“We will get rid of…”
(then eliminate)
“redundancy and duplication.”
Trump’s funny and amusing,
yet and still,
his presidency’s sliding down the Hill
into the mucky swamp he vowed to drain.
He’ll duplicate redundancy again.

Susan Eckenrode, 12/15/17


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