He who diss’d me

At best, the CNN tweet is an indirect promotion of violence. At worst, it’s direct. Either way, it’s a violation of Twitter’s policy.


The policy also says users “may not incite or engage in the targeted abuse or harassment of others.”


For all the controversy provoked by Trump’s tweets, there’s no question that the POTUS’s use of Twitter as his primary communication medium is good for Twitter. The microblogging service, whose business has been struggling for years, is enjoying its peak cultural relevance, thanks to the Tweeter in Chief.


But Twitter’s harassment problem goes beyond what the president posts and is harmful to the interests of the company (and society) in the long run. And if it’s serious about combatting abuse on its platform, Trump deserves to be held to the same standard as everyone else.

Twitter has a very strong case
to delete Trump’s account

Steve Kovach, Business Insider



He who diss’d me, gets a tweet
ev’ry time they fault my being,
call me blind or indiscreet
or tweak my mind with disagreeing!
I’ll be leery – say, “that’s bad!”
sense the devil must have kissed me –
quick respond on my iPad, to
he who diss’d me!

© 2017 Joy A. Burki-Watson

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