He complains there’s a media plot (3-link limerick chain)


“Donald Trump has sarcastically dismissed women accusing him of sexual misconduct — even as two more came forward with lurid accounts — and denounced ‘an international political and media plot against me’.”

Trump dismisses sex assault claims and slams ‘global plot’
Daily Nation



He complains there’s a media plot
undermining the greatness he’s wrought,
so he tweets on a whim
boundless praises of him.
He’s America’s dictator-tot!*

© 2017 Susan E. Eckenrode

*Dictator- tot, compliments of Steven Colbert

He’s America’s Dictator-tot
Who will never accomplish a lot
Cause he’s mostly all talk
And will jolly well walk
When he reckons his con has been caught.

© 2017 Lily Beth Baker

When he reckons his con has been caught
he won’t bother addressing the blot
left on history’s page
because naught could assuage
the relentless destruction he wrought.

© 2017 Mary Boren



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