“Bannon revealed all, about the reasons behind the president’s curious Cabinet choices. The plan, he said, was ‘deconstruction of the administrative state,’ which he and Trump apparently believe robs people of their independence and hurts economic growth.

So that’s why Trump nominated a labor secretary who wants to replace workers at his fast-food restaurants with robots, an energy secretary who once advocated abolishing the department and an education secretary who doesn’t care much for public schools.”

News & Observer Editorial



The mind of a horrified nation
indulges its shallow fixation
on the brazen buffoon
sucking air from the room
twee-twee-tweeting his posts by dictation …

while his cabinet’s poised like a cannon
behind the unscrupulous Bannon.
They’re loaded and lethal,
exceedingly gleeful
about the destruction they’re plannin’.

© Mary Boren, 2017



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