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Newsweek reports: Trump Has Signed Fewest Bills Into Law of Any Modern President, Research Shows

President Donald Trump often brags of his “record setting” term, but the 45th president has signed the fewest bills so far compared to all administrations dating back to President Dwight D. Eisenhower.




The GovTrack review follows Trump’s enthusiastic celebration of the new tax bill that passed on Wednesday, when Trump gloated his administration had “records all over the place.” The president is expected to sign the 185-page bill in January.


President Trump will also have to put his John Hancock on a Congressional bill that will avert a government shutdown, which is expected to be passed by Friday’s deadline. And, obviously, other bills will be passed by the Republican-controlled Congress that Trump will chose to sign rather than veto.


But numbers aren’t everything, the website points out. Presidents can sign a high number of bills into law, but that doesn’t mean each bill is important. Trump has signed 10 bills this year naming post offices, crating memorials, and naming citizens to boards, GovTrack reports.

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So the BLOTUS brags bills he has signed
in a year leave all others behind.
It’s a ludicrous boast
but he can claim the most
maliciously mendacious mind.

Susan Eckenrode, 12/30/17

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