A Word to a President

I watch you when you’re waving
to your crowds of crazy fans,
I hear you when you’re speaking
‘bout all your future plans–
But did you ever wonder
why the Newsmen share the facts
of all that you’ve been sharing
and the class, they see, you lack!
And did you ever wonder
why you never hear yourself,
is it all because your ego
is … “In and of Itself”?

If I could share a word or two
about the ‘You’ I’ve seen —
I’d tell you just to shut your mouth
and watch what’s unforeseen!
Some would wonder why you changed
but they’d assume the best —
Other folks would rearrange
their thoughts —- you were possessed!
And all the folks you used to hate
would now feel welcomed back
And they would know that you meant “great”
was more than a wisecrack!

‘Twas Odgen Nash who gave advice
to husbands so they’d win
And now I’m wishin’– you’d think twice
before you’re a “has-been”!


© 2017 Joy A. Burki-Watson

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